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Ten main reasons for investment in Zanjan province

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Zanjan province, due to its specific conditions and exceptional location, has received an eye-catching rush in industrial development and became as one of the important industrial poles of country in recent years. While keeping this rushing rate, the province not only is attracting capitals in industry and mine sectors, but also a suitable condition has been created for industrial activities and private sector investment concentration in the province.
Some of these specifications are:
·        Being located on the East to West transit route and Tehran-Europe & Iran-Trans Railway which connects the south and center of the Asia to Europe and Russia;
·        Having common boarders with 7 provinces of Gilan, Ardebil, Qazvin, Hamedan, Kurdistan, West AZarbaijan and East Azarbaijan provinces;
·        Presence of 13 industrial estates and zones in the province;
·        Presence of customs and well-equipped passenger airport with aerial board and owned airplane which will be equipped to cargo in near future too;
·        Being located on the route of Trans-network transmission line of energy and gas and oil pipes;
·        Accessing to wide local and foreign consumption markets (due to the vicinity of the province with West Azarbaijan, East Azarbaijan, Qazvin, Hamedan, Ardebil, Kurdistan and Gilan provinces which allocate 25 percent of total population of country to themselves, among which 5 ones are boarder provinces of country;
·        Young and educated work-force due to presence of 24 universities, higher education and research centers and one university for post-graduates in the basic sciences;
·        Geological events have been resulted in formation of various reserves in the province; so that there are more than 170 eye-catching indices and mineral resources which have been recognized to have more than 500 million tons of reserves. Most of these resources are Lead, Zinc, Brasite, Silica, Industrial Soils, Anti-Muen, Talc, Persite and …;
·        Having specific capability for cultivating kinds of agricultural crops due to its geographical specific location and climate variety;
·        Having the first rank in yielding Olive & Colza in the whole of country and establishment of the biggest and well-equipped olive study station in Tarum sub-province of the province.

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