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Message from Governor General of Zanjan

and the Chairman of Investment Service Center of the Province

 Zanjan province due to its special prominence in the northwest of Iran and its adequate capacity in various economic sectors with suitable infrastructures is considered as one of the most attractive destinations for investment in the country.

Today, in the Investment Service Center of the Province, as the point center of investment, we are proud to embrace the presence of our respected investors by providing them with special services and supports. Our esteemed investors are always and over the life of their investment welcome to Zanjan Investment Service Center and benefit from its exceptional services.

Fathollah Haghighi

Governor General of Zanjan Province

The Investment Service Center of Zanjan Province is considered as a safe and reliable companion for investors to acquaint them with capacities, abilities, and investment opportunities in the province. Under the regulation the establishment of the provincial investment service center is approved by members of the Cabinet, Chairman of Investment Service Center, the Governor General and deputy Chairman of the center, and representative of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, and the Provincial Director General. All relevant executive agencies of the Province are members of the Investment Service Center and their fully authorized representatives follow up the investors’ affairs in a centralized routine.

Abolfazl Abbaschian

The Minister’s Representative and Provincial Director General

And Vice Chairman of the Investment Service Center of the Province

Message from the Director General of Industry, 

Mine and Trade Department of Zanjan Province


Zanjan Province, the land of excellent opportunities, due to its privileged conditions and situation in recent years, in the field of industrial development, has had a significant acceleration and in the current situation has been improved into one of the major industrial hubs of the country.

    Being located on the transit road, access to provincial and national well-equipped facilities and infrastructure, together with relative privileges of Zanjan Province, has created favorable conditions and a safe and secure place for focusing on private sector investment in industry and mining.

Zanjan Province, with a long history of ancient civilizations and having more than 80% of various kinds of country's minerals with a diversity of unique materials and mineral deposits, possesses a great deal of God-given potentials. Zanjan has been a province, which has always pioneered the attraction of foreign investments and we are particularly witnessing the growing number of these investments in the Province.

Zanjan Province Department of Industry, Mine and Trade province, with a better understanding of this issue and the efforts of co-thinking managers and agents who believe in the need for industrial and commercial development of the province, has applied all its efforts to provide a suitable platform for hard-working industrialists activating in the industry and mining sector of the Province.

Zanjan Department of Industry, Mine and Trade has placed the policy of its activities on   the area of mining exploration, using remote testing methods, comprising geophysics, geochemistry and geoelectric, together with extensive drillings, as well as, mineral processing, and the processing and development of mineral industries, based on value chain.

We hope that with the infrastructures of mining and industrial development available in the province and the efforts on the part of young and efficient human power, we will be witnessing the remarkable and auspicious presence of industrial and mining investors in the Province. In this path, and with the cooperation and empathy of the honorable of people of this holy land, we put all our efforts for the development and growth of this blessed land and welcome the auspicious presence of our esteemed investors.


Naser Faghfouri

Director General of Industry,

Mine and Trade Department of Zanjan Province

Message from Director General of the Agricultural

Jihad Organization of Zanjan Province


The growth of agricultural sector in the province of Zanjan, over the years, indicates that the province possesses the privileges required for investment in the growth and development of agricultural sector and related industries.The progressive growth of agricultural sector in the national and provincial level, over the past two years, is by itself a witness, which confirms this issue.

The unique geographical location, favorable weather conditions, mobilization of the Province with essential infrastructures such as agricultural schools, power transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, freeways benefitting from national rail network, airport, active and educated manpower have put the province on an accelerated path of development.

The Agricultural Jihad Organization of Zanjan Province, with the compilation of strategies for the development of agriculture and related industries and a strong presence in the initiative for the development of the province, and by relying on the motivation and effort on the part of the beneficiaries of the agricultural sector, endeavors to play its role in this area.

It is hoped that regarding the high determination of the honorable provincial officials for the attraction and protection of investment in various subsectors, we will be witnessing the growth of investment in the agricultural sector, together with more affluence in this sector.


Javad Tarasi

Director General of Agricultural

Jihad Organization of Zanjan Province

Message from the Director General of Cultural Heritage

 Handicrafts and Tourism Department of Zanjan Province

Tourism is the most cultural area of​ economy. The country of Iran with a history of an ancient civilization and diverse attractions, as well as, a distinctive climatic situation, while seeking economic profits, including job creation and foreign exchange revenue, always gives emphasis on maintaining its high values, cultural identity and civilization, as well.

In today's world, economic development, along with the cultural and social development, is considered as great concerns and goals of human societies, especially in developing countries. In this regard, one of the main and vital strategies to accelerate economic prosperity is to attract micro and macro capitals and economic investments, with emphasis on the field of tourism. Meanwhile, the Province of Zanjan, with regard to cultural richness and diversity, environment and social customs, and due to having a collection of original and native arts and crafts, can be accounted for a significant and appropriate position in the tourism industry.

This province, in the context of a comprehensive plan comprising of appropriate goals and policies in the field of tourism, and by benefiting from the government support for investments in the country and the province, as well as, creating coordination and cooperation among governmental organizations and institutions, is considering to assign the economic affairs to the private sector and take important steps to attract investment for the improvement of the existing situation in the tourism sector, cultural heritage and handicrafts.



Amir Arjmand

ahia RahmatiDirector general of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department of Zanjan Province


Main tasks of Zanjan Provincial Investment Services Center

The Investment Service Center of Zanjan Province intends to make available for the investors sufficient information on the capacities, priorities and investment opportunities, as well as, related rules and regulations and provide them with better investment decisions.

The main tasks of the Investment Service Center of Zanjan Province are as follows:
1. Support, facilitation and expedite of issues related to investment in the province
2. Identification and notification of capacities, priorities and investment opportunities
3. Identification and notification of related laws and regulations comprising legal incentives
4. Acceptance of applicants to invest in the Province and following up the affairs related to the formation of the investment plan, including optimal location finding, using the information related to the existing capacities and infrastructures in various regions
5. Coordination and follow-up of the required permits in a centralized routine and a single- window investment format, as well as, assisting the investors by eliminating the need for frequent visits to various executive agencies
6. Reception of foreign investors’ applications, together with other required documents, as well as, coordination with the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran to issue foreign investment permit
7. Performing necessary coordination in affairs relating to visas, residence permits and work permits for foreign nationals relating foreign investment plans
8. Overseeing the implementation process of investment plans
9. Following up incoming capital records of investment plans from abroad
10. Providing special care in the implementation of decisions concerning foreign investment plans

Ahmad Ganjkhanlou

Ahmad Ganjkhanlou

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